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From ne- +‎ tīrīgs ‎(clean) (with tīrīgs from tīrs ‎(clean) +‎ -īgs), or netīrs ‎(dirty) +‎ -īgs (with netīrs from ne- +‎ tīrs ‎(clean)).


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netīrīgs (def. netīrīgais, comp. netīrīgāks, sup. visnetīrīgākais; adv. netīrīgi)

  1. (of people, animals) dirty, uncleanly, slovenly (who does not keep him/herself always clean, who does not keep his/her surroundings always clean)
    netīrīgs večuksslovely old man
    netīrīgs bērnsdirty, uncleanly child
    “ej tu, Banga”, viņš uzsauca bērajai ķēvei, “bet nu atkal apgulējusies! tā mums tāda netīrīga”, viņš paskaidroja Ozolam — “hey, Banga,” he shouted to the bay mare, “but again you've gotten yourself dirty! this one is so uncleanly,” he explained to Ozols


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