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From ne- +‎ tīrīgs (clean) (with tīrīgs from tīrs (clean) +‎ -īgs), or netīrs (dirty) +‎ -īgs (with netīrs from ne- +‎ tīrs (clean)).


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netīrīgs (def. netīrīgais, comp. netīrīgāks, sup. visnetīrīgākais; adv. netīrīgi)

  1. (of people, animals) dirty, uncleanly, slovenly (who does not keep him/herself always clean, who does not keep his/her surroundings always clean)
    netīrīgs večuksslovely old man
    netīrīgs bērnsdirty, uncleanly child
    “ej tu, Banga”, viņš uzsauca bērajai ķēvei, “bet nu atkal apgulējusies! tā mums tāda netīrīga”, viņš paskaidroja Ozolam“hey, Banga,” he shouted to the bay mare, “but again you've gotten yourself dirty! this one is so uncleanly,” he explained to Ozols


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