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From ne- +‎ tīrs (clean, pure).


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netīrs (def. netīrais, comp. netīrāks, sup. visnetīrākais; adv. netīri)

  1. (of objects) dirty (which has dirt on, which is covered with dirt)
    netīrs apģērbsdirty clothes
    netīri aizkaridirty curtains
    netīri trauki, šķīvjidirty bowls, dishes
    netīras glāzesdirty glasses
    netīrs pagalmsdirty yard
    netīrs stikls aiztur līdz 70% ultravioleto starua dirty (piece of) glass stops up to 70% of ultraviolet rays
  2. (of people, animals, their bodies) dirty (which has dirt, stains on any body part, clothes, etc.)
    netīri matidirty hair
    netīras kājas, rokasdirty feet, hands
    netīri cimdi, dvieļidirty gloves, towels
    netīrs klaidonisdirty tramp, hobo
    netīras cūkasdirty pigs (lit. sows)
  3. (of substances) dirty, impure (containing unnecessary or undesirable impurities; which is polluted)
    netīra eļļaimpure oil
    netīri māliimpure clay
    netīra labībaimpure cereals
    netīra krāsaimpure paint
    netīrs ezersdirty, polluted lake
    lai cik netīri arī būtu graudi, separatorā visas nezāles attīrano matter how dirty the grains are, in the separator all weeds will be cleaned (= removed)
  4. (of sounds, colors) dirty, impure, imperfect (not reaching the right height, not having the right brightness, tone, nuance)
    netīra izrunaimpure pronunciation
    netīra skaņaimpure sound
    no dziļa sniega tik vien miņas palicis kā netīrs baltums visdziļāko grāvju dibenāfrom the deep snow there remained no more than dirty whiteness in the deepest bottom of the ditch
  5. (of peoples, their behavior, the results of their behaviors) dirty, indecent, immoral (condemnable, reprehensible according to a code of moral conduct)
    netīras domasdirty thoughts
    netīra sirdsapziņadirty conscience
    netīra bagātībadirty riches (i.e., immorally obtained)
    Ikars bija pārliecināts, ka viņa tēvam nevar un nedrīkst būt nekā kopīga ar netīriem intrigantiemIkars was convinced that his father could and should have nothing to do with dirty schemers
    viņa jutās netīra no visa šodien pieredzētā un pārdzīvotāshe felt dirty from all the experiences of today



Derived terms[edit]