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From ne- +‎ vainība (culpability) (with vainība from vaina (guilt) +‎ -ība).


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nevainība f (4th declension)

  1. innocence, lack of guilt (the quality or state of one who is innocent, not guilty)
    tiesājamā nevainībathe defendant's innocence
    nevainības prezumpcijapresumption of innocence
    pierādīt savu nevainībuto prove one's innocence
    atzīt apsūdzēta nevainībuto acknowledge the innocence of the accused
  2. innocence, harmlessness
    joku nevainībathe innocence of the jokes
  3. innocence, simplicity, naïveté
    bērna nevainībaa child's innocence
  4. innocence (moral purity)
    tur, sapņos, dvēsele, patvērumu atradusi, vairs izbailes un šausmas nejustu, tur nevainība mani sargātuthere, in dreams, the soul, finding a shelter, would no longer feel fear and terror, there innocence would protect me
  5. innocence, virginity (lack of sexual experience and/or knowledge)
    saglabāt, zaudēt nevainībuto preserve, to lose (one's) virginity




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