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From ne- +‎ vainība ‎(culpability) (with vainība from vaina ‎(guilt) +‎ -ība).


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nevainība f (4th declension)

  1. innocence, lack of guilt (the quality or state of one who is innocent, not guilty)
    tiesājamā nevainība — the defendant's innocence
    nevainības prezumpcija — presumption of innocence
    pierādīt savu nevainību — to prove one's innocence
    atzīt apsūdzēta nevainību — to acknowledge the innocence of the accused
  2. innocence, harmlessness
    joku nevainība — the innocence of the jokes
  3. innocence, simplicity, naïveté
    bērna nevainība — a child's innocence
  4. innocence (moral purity)
    tur, sapņos, dvēsele, patvērumu atradusi, vairs izbailes un šausmas nejustu, tur nevainība mani sargātu — there, in dreams, the soul, finding a shelter, would no longer feel fear and terror, there innocence would protect me
  5. innocence, virginity (lack of sexual experience and/or knowledge)
    saglabāt, zaudēt nevainību — to preserve, to lose (one's) virginity




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