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From vaina (guilt) +‎ -inieks.


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vaininieks m (1st declension, feminine form: vaininiece)

  1. (male) culprit, guilty one (someone responsible for something illegal, reprehensible, or undesirable)
    konflikta vaininieksthe culprit of the conflict, the one to blame for the conflict
    tagad notiks izmeklēšana, un mani var padarīt par galveno vaininieku briesmīgajā nelaimēnow the investigation will take place, and they may make me the culprit in a terrible misfortune
    kad darbs bija slikti paveikts, sāka meklēt vaininiekuswhen the work is poorly done, one starts looking for the culprits
    sulainis palika vaininieks, kad kungam nepatika no rīta tik agri celtiesthe servant was the culprit when the lord didn't want to get up so early in the morning
  2. (of objects, events, etc.) culprit, cause (that which causes something undesirable, unpleasant)
    pastāvīgu miega traucējumu galvenais vaininieks ir neirozes — neuroses are the main culprit of constant sleep disorders



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