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no-show (plural no-shows)

  1. An absence; failure to show up or to make a scheduled appearance, especially at a hotel or a place of employment.
  2. A person or group that does not show up.
    Out of fifty people who said they would attend, we only had three no-shows.
    • 1972, Crawford Gillan, Sir Harold Evans, Essential English for Journalists, Editors and Writers (page 192)
      Once they were enrolled [] they never did any work, but Frankel would deliver signed time sheets to the district office, collect the checks, and give them to his fake workers.
      And the no-shows would give Frankel the salary money, which he put into Beth Rachel school.

Derived terms[edit]



no-show (third-person singular simple present no-shows, present participle no-showing, simple past and past participle no-showed)

  1. To fail to show up for something.