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From nob +‎ -y.


nobby (comparative nobbier, superlative nobbiest)

  1. (UK, informal) Wealthy or of high social position; of or pertaining to a nob (person of great wealth or social standing).
    • c. 1852-1853, Charles Dickens, 1876, Levi C. Goodale, Charlie Lulledge (editors), Works of Charles Dickens: Bleak House, page 106,
      I'll come back in the course of the evening, if agreeable to you, and endeavor to meet your wishes respecting this unfortunate family matter, and the nobbiest way of keeping it quiet.
    • 1873, Thomas Hardy, A Pair of Blue Eyes, page 291,
      " [] What makes it worse,” she continued, in the extremity of confidence, “I heard those two cricketing men say just now, 'She's the nobbiest girl on the boat.' But I don't mind it, you know, Harry."
  2. (US, informal) Fashionable or chic.


Derived terms[edit]