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non- +‎ local


nonlocal (not comparable)

  1. In a way that is not local, or not specific to a location
    • 2009, January 16, “Holland Cotter”, in Black History, Alive in Washington[1]:
      In 1967 the Smithsonian Institution set up a satellite exhibition and research center here, the Anacostia Community Museum, which defines community in a nonlocal way.


nonlocal (plural nonlocals)

  1. One who is not a local; a stranger or foreigner.
    • 2013, Chad Haines, Nation, Territory, and Globalization in Pakistan
      Touristic discourse is inherently unlocal: a construction of images and representations that delocalize a tourist destination, repackaging it into terms and images easily circulated and consumed by nonlocals.
  2. (computing) An identifier that is not locally scoped.