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  1. (transitive) to cut off, to sever, to amputate
  2. (transitive) to decide


Tone class H
Infinitive ukunquma
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular nquma nqume
Plural nqumani nqumeni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyanquma, nginquma nginquma nginqume
2nd singular uyanquma, unquma unquma unqume
1st plural siyanquma, sinquma sinquma sinqume
2nd plural niyanquma, ninquma ninquma ninqume
Class 1 uyanquma, unquma enquma anqume
Class 2 bayanquma, banquma benquma banqume
Class 3 uyanquma, unquma unquma unqume
Class 4 iyanquma, inquma inquma inqume
Class 5 liyanquma, linquma linquma linqume
Class 6 ayanquma, anquma enquma anqume
Class 7 siyanquma, sinquma sinquma sinqume
Class 8 ziyanquma, zinquma zinquma zinqume
Class 9 iyanquma, inquma inquma inqume
Class 10 ziyanquma, zinquma zinquma zinqume
Class 11 luyanquma, lunquma lunquma lunqume
Class 14 buyanquma, bunquma bunquma bunqume
Class 15 kuyanquma, kunquma kunquma kunqume
Class 17 kuyanquma, kunquma kunquma kunqume
Recent past Recent past
1st singular nginqumile, nginqume benginquma
2nd singular unqumile, unqume ubenquma
1st plural sinqumile, sinqume sibenquma
2nd plural ninqumile, ninqume nibenquma
Class 1 unqumile, unqume ubenquma
Class 2 banqumile, banqume bebenquma
Class 3 unqumile, unqume bewunquma
Class 4 inqumile, inqume beyinquma
Class 5 linqumile, linqume belinquma
Class 6 anqumile, anqume abenquma
Class 7 sinqumile, sinqume besinquma
Class 8 zinqumile, zinqume bezinquma
Class 9 inqumile, inqume beyinquma
Class 10 zinqumile, zinqume bezinquma
Class 11 lunqumile, lunqume belunquma
Class 14 bunqumile, bunqume bebunquma
Class 15 kunqumile, kunqume bekunquma
Class 17 kunqumile, kunqume bekunquma
Remote past Remote past
1st singular nganquma nganginquma
2nd singular wanquma wawunquma
1st plural sanquma sasinquma
2nd plural nanquma naninquma
Class 1 wanquma wayenquma
Class 2 banquma babenquma
Class 3 wanquma wawunquma
Class 4 yanquma yayinquma
Class 5 lanquma lalinquma
Class 6 anquma ayenquma
Class 7 sanquma sasinquma
Class 8 zanquma zazinquma
Class 9 yanquma yayinquma
Class 10 zanquma zazinquma
Class 11 lwanquma lwalunquma
Class 14 banquma babunquma
Class 15 kwanquma kwakunquma
Class 17 kwanquma kwakunquma
1st singular ngizonquma
2nd singular uzonquma
1st plural sizonquma
2nd plural nizonquma
Class 1 uzonquma
Class 2 bazonquma
Class 3 uzonquma
Class 4 izonquma
Class 5 lizonquma
Class 6 azonquma
Class 7 sizonquma
Class 8 zizonquma
Class 9 izonquma
Class 10 zizonquma
Class 11 luzonquma
Class 14 buzonquma
Class 15 kuzonquma
Class 17 kuzonquma