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cut off (third-person singular simple present cuts off, present participle cutting off, simple past and past participle cut off)

  1. To remove via cutting.
  2. To isolate or remove from contact.
    • 1956Arthur C. Clarke, The City and the Stars, p 37
      The entranced spectator was cut off from reality as long as the adventure lasted; it was as if he lived a dream yet believed he was awake.
  3. To stop providing funds to someone.
    His parents cut him off to encourage him to find a job.
  4. To end abruptly.
    My phone call was cut off before I could get the information.
  5. (idiomatic) To interrupt (someone speaking).
    That dingbat cut me off as I was about to conclude my theses.
  6. (idiomatic, drive) To swerve in front of (another car).




cut off (plural cut offs)

  1. fuse.
    A thermal cut-off.