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From Proto-Italic *knuks, from Proto-Indo-European *knew- (compare Old Irish cnú, Old English hnutu, Albanian nyç (a gnarl)), Persian لوز(lowz).



nux f (genitive nucis); third declension

  1. A nut
  2. A nut-tree
    Inter primas germinant ulmus, salix, nuces.
  3. A fruit with a hard shell or rind
    Nux amara.
    A bitter almond.
    Castaneae nuces.
    Nux pinea.
    The fruit of the tithymalus.
  4. (figuratively) a thing of no value
    Non ego tuam empsim vitam vitiosā nuce.
    I should not have bought your life with a vicious worthless thing.
  5. (poetic) an almond tree


Third-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative nux nucēs
Genitive nucis nucum
Dative nucī nucibus
Accusative nucem nucēs
Ablative nuce nucibus
Vocative nux nucēs


Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


  • Aromanian: nuc, nucã
  • Asturian: nuez, ñuez
  • Catalan: nou
  • Dalmatian: nauc
  • Esperanto: nukso
  • Franco-Provençal: noués
  • French: noix
  • Galician: noz
  • Italian: nuco, noce
  • Ligurian: nôxe


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