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From Proto-Indo-European *knew- (compare Old Irish cnú, Old English hnutu, Albanian nyç (a gnarl)).



nux f (genitive nucis); third declension

  1. A nut
  2. A nut-tree
    Inter primas germinant ulmus, salix, nuces.
  3. A fruit with a hard shell or rind
    Nux amara.
    A bitter almond.
    Castaneae nuces.
    Nux pinea.
    The fruit of the tithymalus.
  4. (figuratively) a thing of no value
    Non ego tuam empsim vitam vitiosā nuce.
    I should not have bought your life with a vicious worthless thing.
  5. (poetic) an almond tree


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative nux nucēs
genitive nucis nucum
dative nucī nucibus
accusative nucem nucēs
ablative nuce nucibus
vocative nux nucēs


Derived terms[edit]



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