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oilcloth ‎(plural oilcloths)

  1. A fabric or cloth treated on one side with a waterproof covering, especially one made from linseed oil etc.; used for flooring, tablecloths, kitchen shelves and sometimes furniture covering.
    • 1969 — Ignatius pounded a paw into the oilcloth on the kitchen table. — John Kennedy Toole, A Confederacy of Dunces, Chapter 9, Page 224
    • 1995: When the Lincolns moved into the White House, it was not furnished, there was oilcloth on the floor in the State Rooms because of the overflow from the spittoons. - Barbara Bush, Barbara Bush: A Memoir, p.346.
    • cloth treated with oil or paint, and used for marking garments, covering floors, etc. - Webster, 1913