on loan

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on loan (not comparable)

  1. loaned or lent
    • 2002, Lou Harry, ‎Sam Stall, As Seen on TV, →ISBN:
      Shortly thereafter Sugarman learned that the technology behind the pricey sunglasses wasn't on loan from NASA.
    • 2003, Nicholas Clifford, ‎Gill Valentine, Key Methods in Geography, →ISBN, page 27:
      As you generate your list of references check whether your library holds the books, and if so whether they are on loan.
    • 2014, N. Jay Young, A Ship's Tale, →ISBN:
      Bowman only hinted it was “on loan” from the Chatham Dockyard, so I didn't ask more.


on loan (not comparable)

  1. loaned or lent
    She worked on loan from another agency.