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Abbreviation for “opposite the editorial” (often incorrectly thought to be abbreviation for opinion/editorial).



op-ed (plural op-eds)

  1. A newspaper page containing signed articles by commentators expressing viewpoints that may not agree with those espoused by the editorial board, traditionally printed opposite the editorial page.



op-ed (comparative more op-ed, superlative most op-ed)

  1. Of or being a newspaper page, usually opposite the editorial page, that features signed articles expressing personal viewpoints.
    • 2009/05/08, William Safire, Choice or Necessity
      The question was probably bottomed on a combination of phrases in a Washington Post op-ed article that appeared not three months before by Richard Haass, who was a foreign-policy adviser in both Bush administrations and is now president of the Council on Foreign Relations.
  2. Of an article, written in a style suitable for publication as an op-ed.
    • 2005, Art & Collection Group, Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art,
      For a more ‘op ed’ approach to the current state of the Hong Kong art scene see my recent article "Doer's Droop," South China Morning Post, August 23, 2005, C6.
  3. Of a person, regularly expressing viewpoints by means of op-eds.
    • 1991, New York Times & Arno Press, The New York Times biographical service, Volume 22,
      Descriptions of him vary from "aggressively intelligent," "inventive," "articulate," "the most ‘op-ed’ academic in the field of education" to "arrogant" "combative," "hostile," and "dismissive" of ideas not his own.