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From post-Classical Latin opere citātō(in the work quoted), ablative singular form of opus citātum(quoted work”, “the work quoted), from Classical Latin opus(work) + citātum, neuter singular past participial form of citō(I summon); compare opus citatum, opere laudato, loco citato, locus citatus.



opere citato ‎(not comparable)

  1. In the work (already) cited or quoted. Used, typically in footnotes and endnotes, to cite in an abbreviated form a source that has been cited previously; frequently abbreviated as op. cit.
    • 2000, Yoël L. Arbeitman [ed.], Orbis Supplementa — The Asia Minor Connexion: Studies on the Pre-Greek Languages, in Memory of Charles Carter, page 14 (Peeters Publishers; ISBN 9042907983, 9789042907980)
      *k̂ey-², however, has both in the Baltic nouns adduced and in the Baltic pronouns added by Arbeitman (operibus citatis) both centum and satəm reflexes.
    • 2004, Subrata Kumar Mitra, Mike Enskat, and Clemens Spiess, Political Parties in South Asia, page 176, note 32 (Greenwood Publishing Group; ISBN 0275968324, 9780275968328)
      On the lack of a true forum for discussion in the PPP, see, among others, Waseem, opere citato, pp. 324–325; Anwar H. Syed, op.cit. pp. 207–214.

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