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From post-Classical Latin opere citātō (in the work quoted), ablative singular form of opus citātum (quoted work”, “the work quoted), from Classical Latin opus (work) + citātum, neuter singular past participial form of citō (I summon); compare opus citatum, opere laudato, loco citato, locus citatus.



opere citato (not comparable)

  1. In the work (already) cited or quoted. Used, typically in footnotes and endnotes, to cite in an abbreviated form a source that has been cited previously; frequently abbreviated as op. cit.
    • 2000, Yoël L. Arbeitman [ed.], Orbis Supplementa — The Asia Minor Connexion: Studies on the Pre-Greek Languages, in Memory of Charles Carter, page 14 (Peeters Publishers; ISBN 9042907983, 9789042907980)
      *k̂ey-², however, has both in the Baltic nouns adduced and in the Baltic pronouns added by Arbeitman (operibus citatis) both centum and satəm reflexes.
    • 2004, Subrata Kumar Mitra, Mike Enskat, and Clemens Spiess, Political Parties in South Asia, page 176, note 32 (Greenwood Publishing Group; ISBN 0275968324, 9780275968328)
      On the lack of a true forum for discussion in the PPP, see, among others, Waseem, opere citato, pp. 324–325; Anwar H. Syed, op.cit. pp. 207–214.

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