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oppidum (plural oppida)

  1. A large, defended Iron Age settlement associated with the Celtic La Tène culture.


Alternative forms[edit]


From ob + pedum (from Gr. πέδον (pédon); Sanskrit पद (pada)): on or over the plain, from Proto-Indo-European *ped-. Compare with the similar construction in Ancient Greek ἐπίπεδος (epípedos, plane, superficial).



oppidum n (genitive oppidī); second declension

  1. town (esp. of towns other than Rome, which was generally called Urbs)


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative oppidum oppida
Genitive oppidī oppidōrum
Dative oppidō oppidīs
Accusative oppidum oppida
Ablative oppidō oppidīs
Vocative oppidum oppida

Derived terms[edit]



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    • the town lies near the sea: oppidum mari adiacet
    • the town stands on rising ground: oppidum colli impositum est
    • the town lies at the foot of a mountain: oppidum monti subiectum est
    • to build, found a city: oppidum constituere, condere
    • a town with a strong natural position: oppidum natura loci munitum (B. G. 1. 38)
    • a town artificially fortified: oppidum manu (opere) munitum
    • to besiege a city: oppidum obsidere
    • to besiege a city: oppidum obsidione claudere
    • to keep a town in a state of siege: oppidum in obsidione tenere
    • to starve a town into surrender: oppidum fame domare
    • to storm a town: oppidum oppugnare
    • to surround a town with a rampart and fosse: oppidum cingere vallo et fossa
    • to rain missiles on a town, bombard it: oppidum tormentis verberare
    • to raise a siege (used of the army of relief): oppidum obsidione liberare
    • to break into the town: in oppidum irrumpere
    • to break into the town: in oppidum irruptionem facere
    • to take, storm a town: oppidum capere, expugnare
    • to retake a town: oppidum recipere
    • to fire a town: oppidum incendere
    • to plunder a town: oppidum diripere
    • to completely destroy a town: oppidum evertere, excīdere
    • to raze a town to the ground: oppidum solo aequare
    • a seaport town: oppidum maritimum
    • (ambiguous) to make a sally, sortie from the town: eruptionem facere ex oppido
    • (ambiguous) to make a sally, sortie from the town: crebras ex oppido excursiones facere (B. G. 2. 30)
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