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Borrowed from Latin ōrdinātōrem (one who orders), from ōrdinō (to order, organize).

In its application to computing, it was coined by the professor of philology Jacques Perret in a letter dated 16 April 1955, in response to a request from IBM France, who believed the word calculateur was too restrictive in light of the possibilities of these machines (this is a very rare example of the creation of a neologism authenticated by dated letter).



ordinateur m (plural ordinateurs)

  1. (computing) a computer, a computing device. [from 1955]
    Synonyms: calculateur, ordi
    Hyponyms: micro, micro-ordinateur, mini-ordinateur, PC
    Il a un ordinateur.He has a computer.
    Elle est à l’ordinateur.She is at the computer.
  2. (archaic, Christianity) One who performs an ordination ceremony

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