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From out- +‎ place.


outplace (third-person singular simple present outplaces, present participle outplacing, simple past and past participle outplaced)

  1. To terminate a person's employment, but help the former employee to obtain another post.
  2. To move to a new location; displace; remove; oust.
    • 1949, Congressional Record - Page 14195:
      At the same time, the District of Columbia and the Department of Health and Human Services are under the 1976 Federal court decision, Dixon versus Sullivan and Dixon to outplace patients residing in St. Elizabeths Hospital into community residential facilities.
    • 2014, Donna Mac, LCPC, Toddlers & ADHD: Relief for Parents, A Guide for Clinicians and Teachers:
      Most will have to outplace the student to a private alternative school with more intensive special education than the public school can offer.

Derived terms[edit]