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para- +‎ -biosis


parabiosis (countable and uncountable, plural parabioses)

  1. (physiology) The (natural or surgical) union of parts of two organisms, especially in such a way as to cause them to share their vascular systems. Organisms so joined then are called parabionts.
    • "Stem Cell Bioengineering" Ed. B. Parekkadan et al.
      Parabiosis is the condition of more than one living organism joined ..., with ... circulatory fluids being exchanged among the parabionts.
    • 2017 Cosima in "Manacled Slim Wrists", Orphan Black
      Mud, parabiosis means that he is processing young blood and transfusing it.
  2. The fusion of two embryos to form conjoined twins
    • "Stem Cell Bioengineering" Ed. B. Parekkadan et al.
      Conjoined identical twins... could be thought of as parabionts.
  3. A transient physiological state of suspension of obvious vital activities such as to enable an organism to escape the notice of its enemies or to conserve its energy. [1]
  4. (ecology, ethology) A form of symbiosis, typically among ants, in which different species share common nest galleries but maintain distinct broods and do not practice mutualism other than incidentally.[2]
  5. (medicine) An alien form of life within an organism, commonly invasive, such as a growing cancer.
    • Walter Moxon.[3]
      "…the fever sperm coming into ... the living frame ... is able to create a sort of other life or parabiosis within it ...".

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From para- +‎ -biosis.


parabiosis f (plural parabiosis)

  1. parabiosis