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"Parcel" is used in its archaic sense of "an integral or component part." Originally used as a legal term.


part and parcel (usually uncountable, plural parts and parcels)

  1. An integral or essential piece; that which must be done or accepted as part of something else.
    Regular maintenance is part and parcel of owning a car.
    • 1998, Wilhelm Geuder, Miriam Butt, The Projection of Arguments, Introduction:
      Argument structure is thus considered to be part and parcel of the information associated with lexical, syntactically atomic verbs.
    • 2019 October 23, Pip Dunn, “The next king of Scotland”, in Rail, page 50:
      On the date of RAIL's train test in early summer, there were just two sets in traffic. Class 170 (or even '158') substitutions were still part and parcel of the daily service, although availability has since improved.


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