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Alternative forms[edit]


pen name (plural pen names)

  1. A fictitious name used by an author in place of their actual name; a writer's pseudonym.
    Synonym: nom de plume
    Hypernyms: alias, pseudonym
    • 1998, Bill Munster, Discovering Dean Koontz, Wildside Press LLC, →ISBN, page 64:
      Within a week of King's acknowledging the Bachman pen name, several sources —publishers, book dealers, readers, and fans—had mentioned a number of possible other pseudonyms; obviously, if King admitted to two pen names, John Swithen and Richard Bachmann, there might be others.
    • 2002, Jacqueline Ching, Abigail Adams: A Revolutionary Woman, The Rosen Publishing Group, →ISBN, page 19:
      In their time, it was fashionable to sign letters using a pen name. These pen names were borrowed from characters in classical literature.


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