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From phil- (love of) +‎ Latin lumen (light) +‎ -ist.


  • IPA(key): /fɪˈluːmənɪst/
  • (file)


phillumenist (plural phillumenists)

  1. A person who collects match-related items, like matchbox labels, matchboxes, matchbooks, or matchbook covers.
    • 1948 May, Cruse, A. J., “I am a Phillumenist: Match-Box Labels as a Hobby”, in Chambers's Journal[1], page 238:
      There is a new and happy breed, the Phillumenists, better known as Match-box Label collectors.
    • 1984, Hughes, Stephen, Pop Culture Mania: Collecting 20th-Century Americana for Fun and Profit[2], New York: McGraw-Hill, →ISBN, OL 9249899M, page 207:
      To be a real phillumenist, however, requires that one take his assorted books and "shuck" them, "press" them, and then categorize them according to subject, era, size, and maker.
    • 2012 January 23, Jennifer Johnson, “Kit Nelson”, in Alcatraz, season 1, episode 3, spoken by Edwin James (Jonny Coyne), 30:10 from the start:
      This matchbox is a Swedish safety match from the Jönköping match factory. It's manufactured in 1858, just in time for the American Civil War. I like it very much. I guess that makes me something of a phillumenist.

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