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From Latin plantāre. By surface analysis, pianta (plant) +‎ -are. Compare Sicilian chiantari.


  • IPA(key): /pjanˈta.re/
  • Rhymes: -are
  • Hyphenation: pian‧tà‧re


piantàre (first-person singular present piànto, first-person singular past historic piantài, past participle piantàto, auxiliary avére) (transitive)

  1. to plant; to sow
    Synonyms: interrare, coltivare, seminare, ripiantare
  2. to hammer; to drive; to stick into
    Synonyms: conficcare, ficcare, affondare, configgere, infiggere, fissare, inserire
  3. to abandon; to maroon
    Synonyms: lasciare, abbandonare
  4. (by extension) to jilt; to throw over
    • 2013, F. Scott Fitzgerald, translated by Ferruccio Russo, Il Grande Gatsby [The Great Gatsby], Edizioni Scientifiche e Artistiche, page 174:
      Sperai perfino, per un po’, che mi piantasse, ma non lo fece poiché anche lei mi amava.
      I even hoped for a while that she’d throw me over, but she didn’t, because she was in love with me too.
      (literally, “I even hoped, for a little bit, that she would throw me over, but she didn't do it because she also loved me.”)


Derived terms[edit]