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  1. (archaic) Any two-pronged handtool or artifact to hold, press together or punch something, now usually in plural; a pincer.
    1. pärepihti
  2. (plural) pliers, tongs etc., see pihdit
  3. State of being stuck between something, as if held with pliers.
    Vene on kahden kiven pihdissä.
    The boat is stuck between two rocks.
  4. The front claw of a crustacean such as lobster, pincer.
  5. A pile of birchbark sheets set between two boards and tied tightly together to flatten the barks and thus make them suitable roofing and isolation material.
    Pihdissä on normaalisti noin sata tuohiliuskaa.
    One pihti normally consists of about one hundred sheets of birchbark.
  6. (gymnastics) scissors
  7. Used as modifier in compound terms to indicate similarity to or use of pliers, see list below.


Derived terms[edit]


See also pihdit