pillow princess

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pillow princess (plural pillow princesses)

  1. (slang) A person (typically a woman) who wants to receive sexual pleasure but is not interested in giving it.
    • 2015, Peter Aggleton, ‎Richard Parker, ‎Felicity Thomas, Culture, Health and Sexuality: An Introduction (page 137)
      Similarly, whereas pillow princesses and other femmes appear to fall in line with heterosexual conceptualizations of sexual roles for women, where the woman's role is the passive and non-assertive partner, they represent radical departures in other respects. In particular, participants indicated that ultra femmes and pillow princesses fully expected that the sexual act ended with their sexual climax.
    • 2017, Karen Carpenter, Interweaving Tapestries of Culture and Sexuality in the Caribbean
      The pillow princess expects to be catered to in bed and while she may demand oral sex, does not feel compelled to perform it on her partner.

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