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piss +‎ pot


pisspot (plural pisspots)

  1. (vulgar slang, dated) A portable container used for urination, especially in hospitals or in the absence of indoor plumbing; a chamber pot.
  2. (vulgar slang, pejorative) A very unpleasant person, particularly a mean, nasty, or contemptible one.
    • 1992, Ben Bova, Mars p. 102:
      That ought to satisfy the pisspot sons of bitches, he thought as he transmitted his apology to the spacecraft orbiting above.
    • 1996, James Lee Burke, Cadillac Jukebox, p. 270:
      ‘I′m sorry about your place. It′s not my doing,’ I said.
      ‘Like hell it isn′t.’ Then a yellow tooth glinted behind his lip and he added, ‘You little pisspot.’
    • 1998, Frederick Nolan, The West of Billy the Kid, p. 287:
      By now a large crowd had gathered; when she learned the kid was dead a sobbing Deluvina Maxwell cursed Garrett and pounded his chest. “You pisspot!” she raged, “you sonofabitch!”
  3. (vulgar slang, pejorative) An unpleasant or disgusting place or thing.
    • 2005, David Drake, The Way To Glory, p. 198:
      He sailed it out the hatch into the harbor, then shrugged off the wrap and balanced it in his hand. “Do for wiping rags, I guess,” he muttered. “I won′t be sorry to look down on this pisspot world, though.”
    • 2006, David Wellington, Monster Island, p. 11:
      It was only the pisspots of the world that made it. The most dangerous places. The unstable countries, the feudal states, the anarchic backwaters, places you wouldn′t dare walk out the door without a gun, where bodyguards were fashion accessories—those places did a lot better in the end.
    • 2011, George R. R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons, p. 498:
      “It should have been you who threw the feast, to welcome me back,” Ramsay complained, “and it should have been in Barrow Hall, not this pisspot of a castle.”
  4. (vulgar slang, pejorative) A large quantity.
    • 1966, Robert Carson, The Outsiders, p. 225:
      “Damned successful. In fact, I have made a veritable pisspot of money.”
    • 1980, Ron Goulart, Hail Hibbler, p. 88:
      “A whole colony?” Lightnin′ Jim swallowed. “That′ll cost you a whole pisspot of loot, Princess.”
    • 2001 September 8, Peter Skelton, “Norwegian Ship Boarded”, in sci.military.naval, Usenet[1]:
      The shipowners are pissed off and will need a pisspot of money thrown at them to go away.
  5. (vulgar slang, pejorative, Australia) A consumer of large quantities of alcohol; a drunkard.
    • 1983, The Strength of Tradition: Stories of the Immigrant Presence in Australia, 1970-81, p. 163:
      “Today my son said to me, ‘You're a pisspot, dad, a bloody pisspot.’ You know what that Australian word ‘pisspot’ means, Kapetan Nikola? A ‘metho’, a drunkard. He called me, his own father, a ‘metho’...”
    • 1988, Kate Jennings, "Cold Water" in Trouble: Evolution of a Radical, Selected Writings 1970-2010, p. 77:
      I would get indignant at magazine articles that characterised Australia as a nation of pisspots. I remember one in particular because I was nearly inspired to write a letter to the editor. ‘Australians,’ claimed the journalist, ‘drank until they threw up on their shoes.’ And then I realised there was a good deal of truth in all this. Quite a few Australians do drink until they throw up on their shoes. I have done it myself.
    • 2011, Bill Marsh, Great Australian Railway Stories, p. 48:
      I mean, the bastard was an absolute bloody pisspot. The prick got the sack later anyway, for being drunk on the job.