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Alternative forms[edit]


From Dutch Low Saxon pesel or West Flemish pezel, diminutive of Middle Dutch pese ‎(a sinew, tendon, string, pizzle), from Old Dutch *pisa ‎(sinew, string, fibre). Cognate with Dutch pees, Middle Low German pese ‎(tendon, bowstring), Dutch pees ‎(sinew, tendon), German Low German Peserick, Pesel ‎(pizzle).



pizzle ‎(plural pizzles)

  1. The penis of an animal.
    • 1646, Sir Thomas Browne, Pseudodoxia Epidemica, V.19:
      Although, if in the lion the position of the pizzle be proper, and that the natural situation, it will be hard to make out their retrocopulation, or their coupling and pissing backward, according to the determination of Aristotle [...].
  2. A baton made from the penis of an ox, once used to beat men and animals.

Derived terms[edit]