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From play +‎ -some.


playsome (comparative more playsome, superlative most playsome)

  1. (dated, chiefly literary) Playful; frolicsome.[1]
    • c. 1690, John Aubrey, "On Thomas Hobbes" in Characters from the Histories & Memoirs of the Seventeenth Century (Oxford, 1918)[1]:
      I have heard his brother Edm and M'r Wayte his schoole fellow &c, say that when he was a Boy he was playsome enough: but withall he had even then a contemplative Melancholinesse.
    • 1855, James Avis Bartley, "Elfindale" in Lays of Ancient Virginia, and Other Poems[2]:
      Sweet Frankie lives in Elfindale;
      Where all the flowers are fair, and frail
      (Like her fair self,) a slender fairy,
      And like a zephyr, playsome, airy,
      But lovelier far, than buxom Mary.
    • c. 1880, William Barnes, "The girt woak tree that's in the dell"[3]:
      An' down below's the cloty brook
      Where I did vish with line an' hook,
      An' beat, in playsome dips and zwims,
      The foamy stream, wi' white-skinned lim's.


Derived terms[edit]


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