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From pollie +‎ -speak, with spelling shift.


pollyspeak (uncountable)

  1. (slang, Australia, derogatory) Political spin; speech used by a politician that is equivocal or mendacious.
    • 2017 June 30, Harold Wood, “ANOTHER 'MADDIE' STRIKES.”, in aus.general, Usenet[1]:
      Sure, put them as a batch/job lot with their own kind.  Put them in the public gallery of any Australian parliament and force feed them ‘pollyspeak’.
    • 2001, "Marc in Oz", Vote with your wallet (on newsgroup alt.politics.greens)
      It isn't difficult to make one's life meaningful without the mumbo-jumbo of pollyspeak and endless streams of words, words, words...
    • 2017 March 25, i|||| | | || ||| || |||| 2.0, “Coal jobs "safe": Combet”, in aus.politics, Usenet[2]:
      It is pollyspeak or polyspeak or doubletalk, or lies.
      No GST
      No ETS
      Coal jobs safe = they are truly fucked now
      on a quick scan I didn't see he actually said they would be safe, tahts[sic] part of the trick, say something they want to be interpreted as 'safe' but not actually say it. The[y] have years of practise, they are really good at it.

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