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Alternative forms[edit]


prep +‎ -y



preppy (comparative preppier or more preppy, superlative preppiest or most preppy)

  1. (US, often derogatory) Relating to things (such as clothing) that are typical of students at prep schools.
    Synonym: (UK) posh
    • 1983, Alan Eisenstock; Larry Mintz, High School U.S.A., spoken by Jay-Jay Manners (Michael J. Fox):
      I'll pick you up after the party. Let's see, there'll be all that deep preppy conversation, preppy dancing, piles of preppy fun. Party starts at nine, I'll pick you up at nine fifteen.
    • 1999, Carl V. Dupré, Detroit Rock City, spoken by Trip (James DeBello):
      So, Jam, who did your wardrobe, Tad the preppie sailboat captain?

Usage notes[edit]

Often implying undeserved wealth.


preppy (plural preppies)

  1. (US) A student of a prep school. [from mid 20th c.]
    Coordinate term: (UK) prepper