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Alternative forms[edit]


pre- +‎ roll


preroll (countable and uncountable, plural prerolls)

  1. (film, uncountable) A period of time during which the camera rolls but before the action begins.
  2. (Internet, advertising, countable) An advertisement that plays before the main content.
    Synonym: intromercial
    • 2009 July 27, Brooks Barnes, “Lab Watches Web Surfers to See Which Ads Work”, in New York Times[1]:
      Are ads that play before video clips, known as prerolls, more effective when paired with banner ads?
  3. A joint which has been preprepared by a cannabis vendor or dispensary.
    I bought prerolls for almost a decade until I got good at rolling my own joints.
    • 2016 April 11, Rebecca Kelley, “6 Marketing Tips to Help Your Dispensary Succeed on 4/20”, in Leafly[2], archived from the original on October 31, 2018:
      Offer a Buy-One-Get-One, a Build-Your-Own-Preroll-Pack, assemble grab bags full of goodies (such as a preroll, a gram, an edible, and some stickers) available for a set price
    • 2018, Bob Sehlinger, Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas 2019, Unofficial Guides, →ISBN, Recreational and medical marijuana:
      Cannabis is sold in several manifestations, including loose varieties, vapes, preroll, oils, capsules, tinctures, cosmetics and other derma products, snacks, and beverages.
    • 2020, Jamie Evans, The Ultimate Guide to CBD: Explore The World of Cannabidiol, Fair Winds Press, →ISBN, page 27:
      There are many methods that you can use to smoke CBD-rich flower including rolling a joint or blunt, lighting up a preroll, using a glass piece (such as a pipe, bubbler, or bong), or by using a dry flower vaporizer.


preroll (third-person singular simple present prerolls, present participle prerolling, simple past and past participle prerolled)

  1. To roll something in advance.
  2. To make or show a preroll.