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Alternative forms[edit]


proto- +‎ fascist


protofascist ‎(not comparable)

  1. (politics) Showing the beginnings of fascism.
    • 1991 August 9, Jack Helbig, “Marie and Bruce”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      Even Lemon, for all her protofascist beliefs, wins our sympathy.
    • 2008, April 7, “Adolph Reed Jr.”, in (Please provide the title of the work)[2]:
      When Newt Gingrich and his protofascist comrades took over Congress in 1994, they sneeringly boasted that they intended to take the federal government back to the 1920s.


protofascist ‎(plural protofascists)

  1. An individual whose opinions or policies show the beginnings of fascism.