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From the verb phrase pull out.


pullout (plural pullouts)

  1. A withdrawal, especially of armed forces.
  2. The change of the flight of an aircraft from a dive to level or climbing flight.
  3. An object, such as a newspaper supplement, that can be pulled out from something else.
  4. (typography) Synonym of liftout (quotation given special visual treatment)
  5. An area by the side of a road where vehicles may temporarily stop in safety. Typical pullouts allow drivers and passengers to safely exit the vehicle but rarely have additional amenities.
    • 2018 April 1, Elias, Paul; Le, Phoung, www.usnews.com[1], Associated Press;U.S. News and World Report, retrieved 2018-04-05:
      Capt. Greg Baarts with the CHP Northern Division says information pulled from the SUV's software shows the vehicle was stopped at the highway pullout before it accelerated straight off the cliff.
  6. (surfing) The ending of a period of surfing by navigating the board into or over the back of a wave.
    • 2005, Matt Warshaw, The Encyclopedia of Surfing (page 482)
      Most pullouts, then and today, are done by simply angling or pivoting the board up and over the wave crest.
    • 2015, John Engle, Surfing in the Movies: A Critical History (page 131)
      [] Machado, who turns what might seem like a handicap, that lankiness, to rubbery advantage in his sinuous carving and slackly cool pullouts.
  7. The coitus interruptus method of birth control.

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