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From French pur-sang (pure blood or thoroughbred (as used of a horse)), from pur (pure) and sang (blood).


pur sang (not comparable)

  1. Beyond doubt or being a model example - the ne plus ultra or epitome, the definitive.
    • 1800, "The Duke of Punch is too true an Aristocrat, pur sang, to be afraid of avowing his liking for anything [] "[1]
    • 1868, "For it is only the old-fashioned sort, not girls of the period pur sang, that marry for love, or put the husband before the banker."[2]

Usage notes[edit]

  • Because this is originally a French phrase, it is generally italicized when it is written.
  • Generally used postpostively, as in "the Art Deco painter pur sang."


  1. ^ “Punch's Essence of Parliament”, in Punch, volume XXXVIII, 26 May 1860, page 209
  2. ^ Elizabeth Lynn Linton (1868) Modern women and what is said of them: Reprint of a series of articles in the Saturday review, J. S. Redfield
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