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pussy +‎ -man.


pussyman ‎(plural pussymen)

  1. (colloquial) A great lover.
    • 1990, Douglas E. Foley, Learning capitalist culture: deep in the heart of Tejas, page 75
      She told me about her family problems and her "honey" (boyfriend) who "shot blanks" (was infertile) but was a real "pussyman" (good lover).
    • 2008, Dana Milbank, Homo politicus: the strange and barbaric tribes of the beltway', link
      Clinton — affectionately described as a "pussyman" by his friend and confidant Vernon Jordan — survived the resulting impeachment
    • 2009, Richard C. Russell, An Old Man's Obsession, page 231
      “Don't you mean your husband, the pussyman?


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