man pussy

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Alternative forms[edit]


man pussy (plural man pussies)

  1. (vulgar, gay slang) the anus of a man, usually the passive participant in gay sex
    • 2010, Michael Gleich, Sarge and the Sailor Boy
      With the floor cleaned and swept with the use of his ass, the men were getting horny watching the talented hole at work. "How about a little man-pussy, Sarge?" someone asked.
    • 2006, John Patrick, Taboo!: The Lure of the Forbidden, page 90
      As my lover continued to plow into my tender man-pussy, he pulled me closer to him, kissing me passionately with each violent fuck.
    • 2005, John Butler, The Gay Utopia, page 83
      On a surprisingly large number of those occasions, gentle, submissive, effeminate Danny also received a lot of blow-jobs and fucked a lot of man-pussy himself.
    • 1995, Perry Brass, Albert, or, The Book of Man, page 93
      We're up for a little man-pussy, Albert. Me and Jake, we're gonna get our dicks into you, you cute little shit.


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