man pussy

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Alternative forms[edit]


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man pussy (plural man pussies)

  1. (vulgar, gay slang) The anus of a man, usually the receptive participant in gay sex.
    • 2010, Michael Gleich, Sarge and the Sailor Boy:
      With the floor cleaned and swept with the use of his ass, the men were getting horny watching the talented hole at work. "How about a little man-pussy, Sarge?" someone asked.
    • 2006, John Patrick, Taboo!: The Lure of the Forbidden, page 90
      As my lover continued to plow into my tender man-pussy, he pulled me closer to him, kissing me passionately with each violent fuck.
    • 2005, John Butler, The Gay Utopia, page 83
      On a surprisingly large number of those occasions, gentle, submissive, effeminate Danny also received a lot of blow-jobs and fucked a lot of man-pussy himself.
    • 1995, Perry Brass, Albert, or, The Book of Man, page 93
      We're up for a little man-pussy, Albert. Me and Jake, we're gonna get our dicks into you, you cute little shit.


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