boy cunt

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Alternative forms[edit]


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boy cunt (plural boy cunts)

  1. (vulgar, gay slang) The anus of a man, usually the passive participant in gay sex.
    • 2010, Bret Yerlac, Cub Boy Training, page 36:
      Your butt plug is on the sink there clean it up too and put it back up your boy cunt and go upstairs and meet me in the office for your instructions.
    • 2009, Christopher Pierce, Sex Time: Erotic Stories of Time Travel, page 120:
      While the other two fucked his throbbing boy-cunt, Dirk started jerking off.
    • 2009, John Patrick, Juniors 2, page 15:
      Rex slid in smoothly, relishing the enfolding heat of Corky's slick boy-cunt as he entered him for the first delicious time. He clasped Corky firmly, holding onto him as he powered deep into his ass.
    • 2007, John Patrick, Mad About the Boys, page 117:
      His tiny ass opened and I slid into the tightest boy cunt I've ever had. Javier's eyes grew wide, and I thought he must be in incredible pain, but he took only a moment to slide further down on my prick, then a wide grin spread across his face.


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