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man cunt (plural man cunts)

  1. (vulgar, gay slang) The anus of a man, usually the receptive participant in gay sex.
    • 2010, R. Jackson, Bears in the Wild, page 115:
      He spat onto his cock and watched the bubbles of his saliva disappear into Josh's man-cunt.
    • 2010, Eric Summers, Teammates, page 34:
      Ryan was moaning with pleasure, and these noises were egging him on to go deeper into the hole, to try and lick the inside of his beautiful man cunt.
    • 2009, Mickey Erlach, Pretty Boys and Roughnecks, page 13:
      The smell of sex, the heat of the sun and the warm dampness of Eddie's man-cunt had brought him to the point of no return.
    • 2009, Mickey Erlach, Boys Caught in the Act, page 46:
      Dale stepped over to Toby's beach towel and lay down. Simon joined him, squatting down on his erection, taking the whole length up his man cunt, and inviting Toby to squat down on his boyfriend's face.


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