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From Proto-Uralic *pučki (hollow plant stalk). Cognates include Estonian putk, Veps butk, Northern Sami boska (angelica), Erzya почко (počko, roll, coil), and Tundra Nenets пуд (pūd).



  1. pipe, duct, conduit
  2. A barrel (of a large-calibre gun)
  3. A streak.
  4. A rut. A long term activity of continuous in nature which persons engaged in are not expected to escape from. Often used in connection with alcohol misuse or, as with eläkeputki to persons of pre retirement age who are not expected to work again and therefore receive a means tested state benefit (welfare payment) until their proper pension age.
  • Milloin minulla on ensimmäinen mahdollisuus päästä eläkkeelle tai eläkeputkeen?
    • When will I have the first opportunity to go into full retirement or get a pre-retirement pension (lit. get into the pension pipe)?


Derived terms[edit]