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From Proto-Finnic *putki, from Proto-Uralic *pučki (hollow plant stalk). Cognates include Estonian putk, Veps butk, Northern Sami boska (angelica), Erzya почко (počko, roll, coil), and Tundra Nenets пуд (pūd).



  1. tube, pipe
  2. duct, conduit
  3. barrel (of a large calibre firearm)
  4. streak (continuous series of like events)
    voittoputkiwinning streak
  5. bout (period of something)
    ryyppyputkidrinking bout
  6. (figuratively) pipeline (system through which something is conducted)
    Uusi ohjelmaversio on putkessa.
    A new version of the software is in the pipeline.
  7. cow parsley (plant in the family Apiaceae similar to Anthriscus sylvestris)


Inflection of putki (Kotus type 7/ovi, no gradation)
nominative putki putket
genitive putken putkien
partitive putkea putkia
illative putkeen putkiin
singular plural
nominative putki putket
accusative nom. putki putket
gen. putken
genitive putken putkien
partitive putkea putkia
inessive putkessa putkissa
elative putkesta putkista
illative putkeen putkiin
adessive putkella putkilla
ablative putkelta putkilta
allative putkelle putkille
essive putkena putkina
translative putkeksi putkiksi
instructive putkin
abessive putketta putkitta
comitative putkineen

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Derived terms[edit]