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Alteration of Spanish cuarterón (offspring of European and mestizo), from cuarto (fourth), from Latin quartus (fourth)


quadroon (plural quadroons)

  1. (dated) A person of three-fourths Caucasian descent and one fourth African descent.
    • 1868, Alcott, Louisa May, Little Women, ch. 47:
      There were slow boys and bashful boys, feeble boys and riotous boys, boys that lisped and boys that stuttered, one or two lame ones, and a merry little quadroon, who could not be taken in elsewhere, but who was welcome to the ‘Bhaer-garten’, though some people predicted that his admission would ruin the school.
  2. (Australia, dated) A person of three-quarters Aboriginal descent and one quarter Caucasian descent; a person of one quarter Aboriginal descent.
    • 1938, Xavier Herbert, Capricornia, Chapter V, p. 63; Chapter VIII, p. 120 [1]
      Diana was a black quadroon, her father being a blackfellow.
      He was the father of four quadroons who were regarded as half-castes because the lighter part of their mother's blood was Asiatic, and he was only too well aware of what their future would be should he desert them.

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quadroon (not comparable)

  1. (dated) Having three-fourths Caucasian descent and one-fourth African descent.


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