quid ais

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From quid (what) + ais (you say) the second person form of āiō (I say).



quid ais

  1. (idiomatic) what do you say?, how say you?
  2. asking for a meaning, opinion or judgement; what do you mean?, what do you say? what do you think?
    • c. 185 BCE – 159 BCE, Publius Terentius Afer, Eunuchus 3.2
      THAIS: Ita me Di ament honestus est.
      PARMENO: Quid tu ais, Gnatho? Numquid habes quod contemnas? Quid tu autem Thraso? Tacent; satis laudant. Fac periclum in literis, fac in palaestra, in musicis: quae liberum scire aequum est adolescentem solertem dabo.
      THAIS: God bless me, he's handsome.
      PARMENO: What say you, Gnatho? Do you see any thing to find fault with? And what say you, Thraso? They hold their tongues; they praise him sufficiently thereby. Make trial of him in literature, try him in exercises,1 and in music; I'll warrant him well skilled in what it becomes a gentleman to know.
  3. what is your opinion? what do you say?
    Sed quid ais?
    But what do you say?

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