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Variant of coin; compare coign.



quoin (plural quoins)

  1. Any of the corner building blocks of a building, usually larger or more ornate than the surrounding blocks.
    • 1901, Thomas Hardy, A Man (In Memory Of H. Of M.)
      In Casterbridge there stood a noble pile, []
      But evil days beset that domicile;
      The stately beauties of its roof and wall
      Passed into sordid hands. Condemned to fall
      Were cornice, quoin, and cove,
      And all that art had wove in antique style.
  2. The keystone of an arch.
  3. (printing, historical) A metal wedge which fits into the space between the type and the edge of a chase, and is tightened to fix the metal type in place.
    • 1898, John Southward, Modern Printing: A Handbook of the Principles and Practice of Typography and the Auxiliary Arts
      Next fit the quoins, using the “persuader” to squeeze in the pages, and tap up all around.
  4. (obsolete, nautical) A form of wedge used to prevent casks from moving
  5. (firearms) A wedge of wood or iron put under the breech of heavy guns or the muzzle of siege-mortars to raise them to the proper level.
  6. (horticulture) A number of apple varieties with a distinctive ribbed appearance, like corners of a coin.


Derived terms[edit]


quoin (third-person singular simple present quoins, present participle quoining, simple past and past participle quoined)

  1. (transitive) To wedge or steady with quoins.