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Etymology 1[edit]

From Proto-Vietic *k-saŋ. Cognate with Muong thăng, Arem atʰaŋ, Thavung กะซัง.

Shorto (2006) traces Viet-Muong items' etymological origins to Proto-Mon-Khmer *sra(a)ŋ, but this can be dismissed as all Vietic cognates point to *-s-.


(classifier cái, chiếc) răng (, 𪘵, 𲎩, 𫆢, 𬹸, 𦢠)

  1. tooth
    bộ răngdenture
Usage notes[edit]
  • răng is the only zoological body part that can be indicated by the classifier chiếc.
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Derived terms

Etymology 2[edit]


răng (𪤽)

  1. (Central Vietnam) why; how
    Synonym: sao
    Răng mà mi mần được hay rứa?
    How are you able to do that?