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From Proto-Vietic *ruŋʔ, from Proto-Mon-Khmer *ruŋ ~ *ruuŋ ~ *ruəŋ (the fall, to drop off); cognate with Bahnar rŭng.



rụng (, , , , , 𣳔, 𬈭)

  1. (of something) to fall off something that it was attached to
    quả/lá rụng
    fruit/leaves falling down
    răng rụng
    tooth falling off
    lông/tóc rụng
    hair coming off skin
  2. (of someone or something) to lose something that's attached to someone or something
    rụng lá
    to shed leaves
    rụng răng
    to lose one or more teeth
    rụng tóc
    to lose hair
    rụng lông
    to shed hair

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