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ra- +‎ chiudere



racchiùdere (first-person singular present racchiùdo, first-person singular past historic racchiùsi, past participle racchiùso, auxiliary avere) (transitive)

  1. to contain; to host
    Synonyms: includere, custodire, ospitare, contenere, comprendere
    questo museo racchiude molte opere d'arte
    this museum hosts many works of art
  2. to delimit; to demarcate; to enclose
    Synonyms: abbracciare, cingere, circondare, circoscrivere, delimitare
    il recinto racchiude i maiali
    the pen encloses the pigs
  3. (of a feeling, emotion, etc.) to keep to oneself or in one's mind; to bottle up
    Synonyms: custodire, serbare
    racchiudere un segreto
    to keep a secret (to oneself)
  4. (figuratively) to include implicitly; to implicate; to encompass
    Synonyms: implicare, includere
    una regola che ne racchiude molte altre
    a rule that encompasses many others
  5. (archaic) to lock up; to jail
    Synonyms: incarcerare, imprigionare
  6. (archaic, rare) (with a) to impede
    Synonyms: impedire, ostacolare; see also Thesaurus:opporsi