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radical +‎ -ly or radix (root) +‎ -ally


radically (comparative more radically, superlative most radically)

  1. In a radical manner; fundamentally; very.
    two radically different political groups
    • 2013, Louise Taylor, English talent gets left behind as Premier League keeps importing (in The Guardian, 20 August 2013)[1]
      The reasons for this growing disconnect are myriad and complex but the situation is exacerbated by the reality that those English players who do smash through our game's "glass ceiling" command radically inflated transfer fees.
  2. At the root.
    "Clot" and "clod" are radically the same word.
    • 1788, Jonathan Edwards, in a report to the Connecticut Society of Arts and Sciences:
      This [Algonquian] language [family] is spoken by all the Indians throughout New England. Every tribe, as that of Stockbridge, that of Farmington, that of New London, &c. has a different dialect [i.e. language], but the language [family] is radically the same.

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