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raise the roof (third-person singular simple present raises the roof, present participle raising the roof, simple past and past participle raised the roof)

  1. (idiomatic, informal) To cause a commotion, as by boisterous celebrating or loud complaining; to make considerable noise.
    • 1918 Dec. 24, "A Bold Assertion" in the Ashburton Guardian (New Zealand), 2
      What Jack loves above all is a song with a rousing chorus... in which Jack can do his bit towards "raising the roof".
    • 1956 Nov. 7, "Ruth Millett" in the Victoria Advocate (Texas), 5
      This is . . . why she raises the roof if he pays too much attention to another woman at a party.
    • 1987, Public Enemy, "Raise the Roof" on Yo! Bum Rush the Show
      You gotta raise the roof because it's all on fire
    • 2008 Oct. 15, Leslie Ferenc, "Voters opt for stability of Guarnieri" in the Toronto Star (Canada)
      Jubilant Liberal supporters raised the roof of a Mississauga restaurant after incumbent Albina Guarnieri was swept back into office for her seventh term.



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