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From raud(as) (crying) +‎ -ulis.


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raudulis m (2nd declension, feminine form: raudule)

  1. (male or generic) crier, crybaby (a man, child who often cries, who is overly sensitive, who complains all the time)
    māsiņa raudāja; brālītis ieraudzīja nokosto vistu un arī sāka raudāt... tad atkal māmiņa sāka abus rauduļus mierinātthe little sister was crying; the little brother saw the bitten chicken and also started crying... then again mother began to calm down both crybabies
    sāpju un personīgo zaudējumu kara laikā ir daudz, un, ja dosim tiem vaļu, tad arī mēs iekļūsim starp rauduļiemthere is much pain and loss during a war, and, if we give (these feelings) freedom, then we'll end up among the crybabies


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