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Originally a misspelling of renege (sometimes as a deliberate racist pun when referring to rehiring black people), this version has passed into accepted usage.

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Particularly: “Need sources for the "racist pun" thing: a single car bumper sticker opposing Obama doesn't really cut it.”


re-nig (third-person singular simple present re-nigs, present participle re-nigging, simple past and past participle re-nigged)

  1. Alternative form of renig
    • 2010, Terron Sims, With Honor in Hand, →ISBN, page 107:
      I hope that you are not calling to re-nig on my contract.
    • 2011, L. T. "Cashmere" Myers, Destiny's Heart, →ISBN, page 186:
      She knew she had thought out loud by accident, but it was too late to re-nig on her comment.
    • 2011, Billy R. Wood, Lords of Darkness, →ISBN, page 49:
      I'm trying to manage all of the aviation quotas for flight school by myself and then out of the blude USAABAR calls and says 'John, we're going to have to re-nig on our commitment to come out. We're having trouble in Europe and we can't furnish anybody for you.'