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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English regnen, borrowed from Old French regner, from the Latin verb rēgnō, and the noun regnum



reign (plural reigns)

  1. The exercise of sovereign power.
    England prospered under Elizabeth I.'s reign.
    • Prior
      Saturn's sons received the threefold reign / Of heaven, of ocean, and deep hell beneath.
  2. The period during which a monarch rules.
    The reign of Victoria was a long one.
  3. The territory or sphere over which a kingdom; empire; realm; dominion, etc. is ruled.
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reign (third-person singular simple present reigns, present participle reigning, simple past and past participle reigned)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To exercise sovereign power, or to rule as a monarch
    He reigned in an autocratic manner.
    • 2002, David Jeremiah, ‎C. C. Carlson, The Handwriting on the Wall
      With an ear-shattering roar, the huge cats came bounding from their caverns and skidded to a stop as if a powerful hand had reigned them abruptly.