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From reāls ‎(real) +‎ -izēt. Probably not formed as such in Latvian, but borrowed and adapted from other European languages.


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realizēt tr., 2nd conj., pres. realizēju, realizē, realizē, past realizēju

  1. to realize, to make real, to implement
    realizēt nodomu — to realize an intention
    realizēt plānu — to realize, implement a plan
    realizēt dzīvē savus sapņus — to realize one's dreams in life
    realizēt septiņgadu plāna uzdevumus — to realize, to fulfill the tasks/targets of the seven-year plan
    pat visģeniālākā doma neko nedod cilvēcei, kamēr cilvēki nesāk to realizēt — even the most genial idea gives nothing to mankind, as long as people don't begin to realize, implement it
  2. to implement, to use, to exercise (to make use of something theoretical or abstract in actual practice)
    realizēt pilnvaras — to implement, to exercise authority
    realizēt valodas normu — to implement, to use the language norm
    realizējot tiesības un izpildot pienākumus, pilsoņiem un organizācijām jāievēro likumi — (while) exercising (their) rights and fulfilling (their) obligations, citizens must observe (= follow) the law
  3. to realize (to exchange for money, to convert (property, goods, etc.) into money)
    realizēt rūpnīcas produkciju — to realize the production of the factory
    izaudzēta raža rūpīgi jānovāc un ātri jārealizē, lai šajā posmā nerastos zudumi — the grown crops must be harvested carefully and quickly realized in order to avoid losses at this stage



Derived terms[edit]